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the Challenge

Gatorade is more than sports drinks. They’re 45 years of sports fueling research and expertise. Now it’s time they shared more of that expertise with world. But this knowledge can’t live in articles or books. It has to be available when athletes need it the most – right before, during or after a game.

the solution

EDGE Lab is Gatorade’s latest innovation to help athletes perform better by putting 45 years of fueling expertise at their fingertips. By logging their daily activities, users are given a score to help gauge how well they’re preparing their bodies and minds for each game, practice or workout. 

The athletes can compare scores with friends, earn badges and unlock special pro athlete content. And as the athlete tracks their behaviors and activities, Gatorade provides them expert tips to help them improve. The end result is an athlete that trains smarter, not just harder.


Group Creative Director: Tony Snethen

Associate Creative Director: Chad Green

Senior Copywriter: Allison Pierce

Associate Art Director: Amanda Laffoon

Associate Art Director: Katelyn Carson