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This project first began with the intent of creating an awareness campaign for teens against cervical cancer. Through many rounds of testing, not only assumptions, but prototype as well, I was found a solution that would solve a greater problem. Communication—became my focus and how can graphic design influence that relationship between teenage girls and her parents.

Mood board was created as an app to help parents better communicate with their teenage daughters. By using this app parents will be able to monitor how she is feeling as well as issues in which she is dealing with. Logging a days worth of emotions gives both the daughter a way to express her feelings, and the parent topics to spark conversations. Great thought was put into how the user would interact with the app, along with the levels of information they would receive. But in the end this app was only meant to function as a tool in which to assist during tough times in the parent teen relationships. I only wonder if something like this would have been around when I was a teen if I would have had a more open relationship with my parents? It has taken me many years and hard lessons to learn that my parents are usually right and give the best advice. This realization was the inspiration and driving force of this project. If only I would have know at 15 what I know now.