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Recover Campaign

Protein for athlete building

Get competitive athletes aware of Gatorade’s Recover products and the benefits protein offers their performance

Most protein products are positioned for muscle bulking. Nothing felt made for athletes.

We brought the campaign’s platform, Protein for Athlete Building, to life. Literally. 
Using a combination of origami and papercraft, we transformed the packaging into athletes to create a series of animated shorts. 

We then used a two-fold targeting strategy to reach our audience in relevant places. Informed by their online behaviors and sport preference, we matched one of the four vignettes – basketball, hockey, baseball and football – to appear in social posts, banner ads and pre-roll, further reinforcing the idea that Gatorade Recover is tailor made for them.

Use of animations in our media placements


Executive Creative Director: Tony Snethen

Group Creative Director:  Matt Bowne

Associate Creative Director: Maggie Harn

Associate Creative Director: Adam LaRocca

Art Director: Amanda Laffoon